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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  April 8, 2012 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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way, which is great. >> chaps, a great pleasure. i love the documentary. i recommend everyone to watch it. >> thanks, piers. >> steve carell and dave steinberg. stand by. comedy airs on th on showtime. from cnn center, this is "weekend early start." it's sunday, april 8. good morning. i'm randy kay. >> we're coming for you. >> that warning from the police chief to a killer in tulsa, oklahoma, has paid off. two suspects now in custody for the shooting rampage that left three dead. more than 120 people were killed by government forces in syria just two days before the assad regime's cease-fire. we're now learning the syrian government has new demands. also this hour we'll catch you up on who is on top of the
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leaderboard at the masters. there is not a tiger in sight. this easter sunday we'll be talking to the co-founder of the saddleback church, and we'll take you live to the vatican. now let's get you to a story that you have heard here first. the multiple shootings in tulsa, oklahoma, while you were sleeping. oklahoma police, the fbi, and u.s. marshalls were very busy, and that hard work paid off with two arrests that were coming less than an hour ago to us re right here. a reminder three people were killed and two people were injured in a series of shootings early friday. joining me now on the phone is captain jonathan brooks from the tulsa police department. captain brooks, good morning to you. well, what can you tell us about the arrest? you've had a busy night. how did you track these guys down? >> yes, it has been a very busy night. it took a lot of work, a lot of collaboration between several different agencies, and quite
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frankly, a lot of help from the community helped to solve this crime. >> who do you have in custody? >> we have two subjects in custody right now. we have alvin watts, a 32-year-old white male and jake england, a 19-year-old white male that are now in our custody. >> and what led them to you? how were you able to get them? >> well, it was through the work and investigation of our detectives and agents and deputies and through the tip line that we set up, tips that the community provided to us and the information that was provided to us all collaboration and led us to the successful arrest of these two individuals. >> and have you also recovered the white pickup truck which was seen as three of the four shooting sites? >> yes. we have -- we've recovered the truck, and now we're in the process of recovering additional evidence that was used in these crimes. >> are the suspects talking?
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have they made any statement at all in. >> actually, they're -- right now they're still being interviewed by our defectives. >> have you said anything yet that you can share with us? >> there's nothing i can share at this point in time. >> and where were they arrested? >> they were arrested in tulsa from a single family dwelling. >> were they living together? were they in the same place when they were arrested? >> yes. they were in the same place, and, you know, we're not exactly sure of what their relationship is to one another. whether they're just friends or extended family members. those are just some of the things that we're trying to get out of the investigation as well, quite frankly, as the real thing is we want to know what the motives are. >> what about weapons? were you able to recover any weapons? >> we're in the process of now -- now that we've apprehended the suspects, now that we're into the evidence recovery mode. >> what does that mean? >> as our chief said, we're
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coming for you. we've done that, and now we'll gather the evidence along that trail. >> can you tell us, though, at this hour if any guns have been recovered? >> no, we have not recovered any guns at this particular moment. >> do we know if both of them were in the pickup truck? were you able to determine that yet? >> that's where the investigation has led us to believe that both of them were in the truck at the same time. >> and do you know if any of them knew any of the victims? >> we don't know that. >> and so the status of them right now is that they are being interviewed right now. they're in the interrogation room. how long will something like that tea, and when do you think you meet have more answers? >> each one is different, so it can take -- it can be rather lengthy, but we thought it was important to get the word out early to the community for when the citizens wake up -- in tulsa wake up this easter morning and know that tulsa is just a little bit safer place, that we've removed these two individuals
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from the community. >> just very quickly, i understand that all of the victims in this case, as we first told our viewers yesterday, all of the victims in this case are african-american, and the two men that you have in custody are, indeed, white. are you still looking at this as a possible hate crime. >> yes. and that's -- that's where we get into trying to determine what the motive was for the acts and the crimes that they committed. if our investigation takes us towards that, then we'll proceed with that. >> do you have witnesses as well that you are still speaking with? >> yes, there are witnesses. we've spoken with certain witnesses. we've re-interviewed witnesses, and we're still looking at following up with other witnesses. >> captain jonathan brooks, i know you've had a long fight. we certainly appreciate you talking with us this morning. >> well, thank you. have a good morning. >> you too as well. we'll have much more on this developing story throughout the morning here on cnn. well, happy easttory all of you celebrating. pope benedict xvi is marking the holiday at st. peter's bat i
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will ka with the traditional message. that means to the city and the world. earlier the pope resided over easter mass in the basilica. krurnz around the world celebrate easter as the day that their lord and savior jesus christ rose from the dead after his crucifixion. a landmark deal being signed today will change the way the u.s. military operates in afghanistan. the agreement will mean the end to night raids by u.s. special forsdz troops. they will now be carried out by afghan troops. night raids had sparked particularly harsh anger among afghans. we'll have much more on what this means later in the show. rescue crews are close to reaching nine mineors trapped underground in peru. they've been down there since thursday. rescuers were just six feet away from them last night. the fear of landslides has slowed that operation down. they've been talking with the minors, though, through a hose. the syrian military keeping up its onslaught against rebel fighters and civilians just two days before the cease-fire
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deadline. on tuesday a cease-fire agreement is supposed to take effect in syria, but the syrian government is now demanding a written guarantee from the opposition, and they will stand down. i can say more than 120 people were killed across the country on saturday, including five children. all seven of the people injured when a navy jet crashed into an apartment building in virginia beach are now out of the hospital and in good shape. a top admiral says the navy who examined the crash and fixed whatever went wrong calls it a miracle that no one died. a fund has been set up for the family. >> if you think paying nearly $had a gallon for gas is outrageous well, trying living on catalina island off the california coast. no doubt, it is a beautiful place. no question. beaches, sunshine, but $7 a gallon gasoline. yes. $7. there really is only one gas station. they bring in the gas by barge. there are only a few thousand residents, and many don't have cars, and now we know why. ride your bike there on that
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island. all right. time now to say good-bye to meteorologist reynolds wolf. wouldn't you get a bicycle if you lived there? >> i think so. gas has always been expensive on catalina island. near the harbor side near the casino. beautiful day there on the california coast until you get into northern california. then you will have scattered showers. for much of the eastern seaboard and for other parts of the country it looks pretty immediate mild. we'll have forecast for the augusta national in a moment, and your travel weather, that's coming up too. >> i'm liking your tie on this easter. >> it's very festive. it's what the easter bunny brought me. >> looking good. all right. talk to you in a little bit. senator chuck grassley may have some explaining to do this morning. you see, the iowa republican sent out a tweet about president obama's comment that the supreme court shouldn't overturn his health care law. check it out. constituents asked why i am not outraged that the president would attack on supreme court independence because american
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people are not stupid as this exprop of con law. president obama is a former professor of constitutional law. his campaign chief, david axelrod fired back saying this to grassley. i think a 6-year-old hijack the your account and is sending out tweets just to embarrass you. pretty good stuff there. grassley, the ranking member of the judiciary committee actually did have his twitter account hacked in january by the group anonymous. we reached out to grassley's office for a reaction, but we haven't heard back yet. here's a rundown on stories that we're working on for you. one airline is telling flight attendants to shed their extra baggage and, no, they don't mean luggage. and dogs may be man's best friend, but they're also heroes. we'll introduce you to a special group of military dogs. in 15 minutes we take ow a tour around the world to see how other cultures are celebrating easter. you're watching weekend early start with news doesn't take a weekend off.
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and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because zyrtec® starts working at hour 1 on the first day you take it. claritin® doesn't start working until hour 3. zyrtec®. love the air. welcome back. all right. it is alaska after all, so snow is pretty much a given there, right, but even this was a surprise in the folks at anchorage which broke a
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67-year-old record for snowfall this weekend. 133 inches have fallen this year, and the snow is still coming down this morning, but at least one anchorage resident isn't so impressed with the news running on the face of a page of a local weather service. now the record is brecken. can you please make the snow go away? oh, raw. reynolds, you can sympathize with that, right? >> a little bit, but just wait until summer. the swarmz of mosquitoes come into alaska, like they always do. they will be wanting the snow to come back. it is a little too much of anything is not good. they're going to have plenty of sunshine this morning. they can't get enough of the sun out there. they can see some on sunday. anyone sticking around for a few days after in augusta, it will be nice then too. temperatures mainly in the 70s and 80s. lows in the 50s. we're not expecting much in terms of the rainfall until we get to tuesday, but even then only a 10% possibility. it doesn't look like an overwhelming chance whatsoever. we will have an overwhelming chance of rainfall across parts of the central and southern
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plains this morning. a few pockets of precipitation. we're seeing here in oklahoma city along i-35. another one south of san angelo at big bend national park. what we do expect is the rain to continue and fizzle to the east. also, a weak frontal boundary moving through parts of michigan and back into the ohio valley, and then we have the moisture. the opposite very dry conditions across the upper midwest, western great lakes, and the winds anywhere from, say, 30 to 40 miles per hour can be expected. same deal through parts of the northeast and eastern seaboard. breezy and dry with winds gusting at 30 to 40 miles per hour. overall, it's going to look pretty nice for you. you have to be in the nation's capital, get sunshine and clouds. if you are walking among the cherry blossoms, an occasional gust may shower down on you. the coast of california and redding knott ward to the foot hills of mount shasta clear up the streets into seattle, could see rain there with highs in the 60s. 74 in denver. wrag up with dallas in 76. miami, chicago, detroit, and
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philadelphia, the reason? the wind. of course nshs dallas, chance of thunderstorms may give you delay. a few minutes on the tarmac. back to you, rapid where i. you'll want to pay attention to this story because i thought it was a joke, but it's true. it's a chance to be in a company's calendar. it sounds like a nice incentive that's at ryanair. listen to this ulterior motive. the company is using a prize as a way to get their flight attendants to lose weight. smaller flight attendants equal less fuel. they can save some money, although that's just thinking of ryanair, but really classy, right? just got to love that calendar. wow. the company has experimented with other ways to make or save money, including making passengers pay to use the toilets or let them rent x-rated films in flight. wow. i don't even know where to go with that. we'll just lee it alone. it is an easter sunday tradition to go to church. see how some christians take
3:15 am
draurmt steps. easter traditions from around the world next. i'm p.o.c. ellis from shreveport, louisiana stationed at fort bragg, north carolina. i want to say happy easter to my family back home in easter and happy mother's day to my mother, to my big mama especially, and i want to say happy father's day to my papa. he'll see you all when i get home. [ female announcer ] if whole grain isn't the first ingredient in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first. get more whole grain than any other ingredient... just look for the white check.
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>> hey, this is pfc robert. i wanted to wish everyone from bakersfield, california, a happy easter. i love you. mwah! you're looking at live pictures from rome where people benedict xvi is speaking to the faithful. he is delivering his annual easter message from st. peters basilica, and in it he called for the he wanted to bloodshed in syria. zimplt president obama marked the holiday during his weekly address. >> christ's tree ump over death holds special meaning for christians, but all of us, no matter how or whether we believe can identify with elements of them sort. the triumph of hope over despair, faith over death. the notion that there's something out there that is bigger than ourselves. these beliefs help unite americans of all faiths and
3:18 am
backgrounds. they shape our values, guide our work. they put our lives in perspective. e-mail yonz of christians are piling into churches today for easter services. nadia is here to tell us of other ways people are celebrating easter and good morning to you. it's a tradition apparently in the pill feenz, you say, to reenact the crucifixion. how do they go about that? >> good morning, randy. if you go to the philippines where they literally carry very heavy crosses on their backs and then they will whep themselves to experience the pain of christ. it's very graphic. it's very real and not totally approved of by the vatican. >> i would imagine so. what about greece? >> oh, in greece -- greek easter is the most festive. one of the things they do is have greek easter eggs which they dye red, and these are
3:19 am
known the greek easter egg that is are symbolic. the red symbolizing the -- that's the one. they get very beautiful. very festive. >> there's so red, though. >> if you don't use traditional dye, you can use the actual out erskines of the onion which are red and white wine vinegar, and that indusz the most remarkable intense red dye. >> are they just for show? >> they do play a wonderful game with them. what we have to do is basically crash the top of each other's eggs, and once you've smashed the top of each other's agencies, you go to the bottom of each other's agencies, and whoever has smashed each other's egg wins the game. >> all right. and i know you've also found in all of your research on easter, very interesting easter egg
3:20 am
designs. >> john, he is the egg man, and he creates the most spectacular egg designs you have ever seen. you know you have made it when you have become an egg of john. he uses goose eggs as the top and wooden eggs as the bottom, so there he is. aren't those remarkable? >> those are really cool, actually. >> there's obama and militia obama and a john -- >> and met and newt. >> yes. he uses ceramic paint for the detail. it's really art. >> they don't even look like eggs. that is great of joe biden. >> he is renowned around the world, so never mind being a wax statue. we want to be an egg. >> i think i would rather be an egg than a wax statue. something more human about it. >> he is renowned, and really an international superstar in the world of egg art. >> i never knew there was a world of egg art. nadia, now i know.
3:21 am
thank you. all right. just ahead, we'll go live to england where hundreds of relatives and titanic enthusiasts are setting sail on a retracing of the ill-fated ship's voyage. y rental equipment in the middle of nowhere, is always headed somewhere. to give it a sense of direction, at&t created a mobile asset solution to protect and track everything. so every piece of equipment knows where it is, how it's doing or where it goes next. ♪ this is the bell on the cat. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing new nature valley protein bars. 100% natural ingredients like roasted peanuts... ♪ ...creamy peanut butter, and a rich dark chocolate flavor. plus, 10 grams of great tasting protein in every bar.
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24 minutes past the hour. time to check other stations. a pilot is recovering this morning after suffering some injuries in this crash in washington state. witnesses say the plane was coming in for a landing yesterday when it rolled to one side, flipped over, and crashed between two homes. no one was hurt. you can call it an easter
3:25 am
weekend miracle. a california church picked up the tab for drivers to get a dollar off a gallon of gasoline yesterday, and as can you imagine, drivers lined up for the discount. this marks the second year destiny christian center raised enough money to offer some relief at the pump. how nice. the beltway batman, remember him? he became a viral video sensation after getting pulled over by police and later let go. well, this is new video of him visiting young cancer patients at a baltimore hospital. it was part of a superhero intraegs. the cape crusader has made it his mission to cheer up terminally ill children in the d.c. area. what a guy. in augusta, georgia, pierre -- three-time champion phil mickelson will pair up with hanson today. they're both, of course, hoping to walk off the course wearing that green jacket. cnn's patrick snell has a preview. >> phil mickelson made it a moving saturday to remember.
3:26 am
lefty surged p the leaderboard which included a 30 on the back nine. he finds himself in second place alone at eight under par, and now eyeing up the possibility of a fifth major title. >> i just feel really confident the way i've been playing and the way i have been putting, and in this setting, and on this golf course. i love it here. i love nothing more than being in the last fwrup sunday at the masters. it's the greatest thing in professional golf. >> it's going to be tough. it's a new situation to me. i mean, i have been up on the leaderboard a few times, but i have never led it in anything like this. i know it's going tb a tough night, and you just try to do the normal stuff. i got any mi two kids here and my wife. i just try to stay in the house ask cook in. too we'll have fun tomorrow and have a good time together. i don't know if -- i gint feel as though he was helping me. i felt like, oh, my goodness, i've got to keep birdie to keep
3:27 am
peace. >> he said 52-year-old overnight leader freddy couples who fell back disappointingly for him to two under par, seven shots adrift, while tiger woods who issued an apology for his temper tantrum is 12 adrift at three over par having shot a level par 72. patrick snell, cnn, augusta, georgia. >> two arrests in those debt deedly oklahoma shootings. the details in what one of the victims told them about the attacks next. you're watching "weekend early start." [ man ] ring ring... progresso
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welcome back. thanks for starting your morning with us. i'm randy kay. it is half past the hour. it's been 100 years since the titanic set sail on its ill-fated native voyage, and it still holds the world's imagination. books ares popular movies, and now, believe it or not, a memorial cruise with more than 1,000 passengers setting sail
3:31 am
from england. senior international correspondent dan rivers joining me now from south hampton. good morning, dan. where exactly is this cruise ship heading? >> well, they're going to follow in the wake of the titanic as exactly as they can. if you look behind me, this is the m.s. balboa, which is the ship that's going to take the 1,309 passengers across the atlantic. first of all, they're going to go to morgan, france, where the titanic originally picked up more passengers, and then they'll go to republic of ireland to port, and then they will go on to the exact spot where the wreck is, above the wreck, where they'll hold a memorial service next sunday at 2:20 in the morning, the precise time that the titanic sailed. if you look over to the left of your shot here, you can see this big blue boat is actually where titanic left. that's the same dock. there used to be a big departure terminal on the side. that's gone now.
3:32 am
that's where they cued up, and that's where the famous photos of titanic leaving were taken from that dock over there. it's a real piece of history here. some people suggesting maybe this is a little bit ghoulish or in bad taste, but the organizers are insisting this will be done in a sensitive matter and thb to pay tribute to all those lives lost 100 years ago. >> there is a picture on the rescue ship. quite clearly still dark hair and dark mustache. six months later you go back to work. he is issued with a new discharge book, and it says color of hair, white. between april and october he went completely white through the affects of shock. >> he is talking about his grandfather, alexander, who was a first class steward, who as you saw there in those amazing pictures, went completely white with the shock of having survived the disaster. the only reason he survived is
3:33 am
because he was ordered into one of the life boats after it was full of women and children because it was felt first class passengers deserved to have a sured in their life boat as well as in their cabins. >> you said that some people are calling, this i guess, a disaster of voyeurism. who are these passengers? where are they coming from? who would want to go on this? >> well, it is, as you mention, in your introduction a huge industry really, the titanic. there is massive interest in this disaster 100 years old. there's been the film, of course, that increased interest, but here in britain there's a miniseries on tv right now, which is going to get big ratings. there's been lots of books and sort. these people affectionately are known as titanaracs. they just take particular interest in every little detail. many of them are here today dressed up in costume as well. >> dan rivers, thank you very much for bringing us that this
3:34 am
morning. appreciate it. getting a check now of your top stories. two men now in police custody following that shooting spree in tulsa, oklahoma, that left three people dead, and two others wounded. the suspects identified as 19-year-old jake england and 32-year-old alvin watts will be charged with three counts of murder and two counts of shooting with intent to call. earlier i spoke with tulsa police captain jonathan brooks who told me how the men were captured. >> it was through the work and investigation work of detectives and agents and deputies and through the tip line that we set up and the tips that the community provided to us and the information that was provided to us all come in to collaboration and it led us to the successful arrest of these two individuals. >> brook said the weapons have not yet been recovered. police have not ruled out a hate crime as a possible motive. the shootings took place during a seven-hour period in north
3:35 am
coast on friday. this is what one victim told a relative. all of the victims much the shootings were black. the obama administration is giving iran a last chance to come to the table and resolve the nuclear issue. the white house and european allies are demanding that iran immediately close and ultimately dismantle a new nuclear facility. french police fear a serial killer could be on the loose following four fatal shootings with the same weapon in the past five months. the french affiliate tells cnn the police have increased their presence significantly in the paris suburb where the crimes took place. the most recent victim was shot in the head on thursday. previous attacks occurred both this year and last november. check out these pictures from l.a. where a tanker fire shut down all lanes of the 134 freeway overnight. firefighters got control of the blaze around midnight, but there are concerns about the structure of the bridge.
3:36 am
no injuries reported. let's move to politics now and the 2012 presidential race. it may be time to move past romney versus santorum to romney versus obama. at least that's what it seems like if you listen to the campaigns. here's cnn political editor paul steinhaus. >> we've gone from this. >> he is an economic lightweight. >> mitt romney can't run on his record. >> to this. >> mitt romney is still for their tax breaks. >> this is not the time for president obama's hide and seek campaign. >> thanks to mitt romney's sweep of tuesday's campaigns, he is looking more and more like the inevitable republican presidential nominee, and the story line has changed from a romney-santorum primary fight to a romney-obama general election battle. president obama isn't wasting any time trying to take on his
3:37 am
gop challenger. he slammed the budget and tied romney to it. >> he said he has barely supported this new budget. he even called it -- which is a word you don't often hear when it comes to describing a budget. >> romney fired back. the president came here yesterday and railed against arguments no one was make and criticized policies no one is proposing. >> while the general election showdown kicks off, santorum is not ready to call it quits in his bid for the nomination. >> we have now reached the point where it's halftime. half the delegates in this process have been selected, and who is ready to charge out of the locker room in pennsylvania for a strong second half? >> reporter: any chance of mounting a comeback begins with his home state's april 25th primary. >> we're going to get into may, and may looks very, very good. >> reporter: even if he lasts until mau, when more conservative states hold primaries, will it really matter?
3:38 am
at this point it's not about winning contests. it's about clinching the nomination, and romney has a really insurmountable lead. you know, four years ago in a much closer race hillary clinton beat barack obama in five out of the last eight democratic primaries, but in the end obama took the nomination. randy. >> thank you very much, paul. and here's another presidential candidate that we need to tell you about. it is barbie. the 53-year-old iconic plastic woman launched her white house bid this week. her platform is inspiring girls to be informed and involved in their communities. a little long for a bumper sticker, but pretty good slogan, nonetheless. she's getting in the race pretty late, though. not getting more shells. just had to share athat. when i say air bend. you think of the men and women searching in the air force, right? you may have to rethink that image because, take a look here, these airmen. yes, you heard me right. airmen are among the most deployed in the military.
3:39 am
this is specialist jared shepherd in afghanistan. i want to wish my wife back in salem, virginia, a happy easter. i love you and miss you. i'll be home soon. ee pride. you know, i have done something worthwhile. when i earned my doctorate through university of phoenix, that pride, that was on my face. i am jocelyn taylor, i am committed to making a difference in peoples lives and i am a phoenix. that is better than today. since 1894, ameriprise financial has been working hard for their clients' futures. never taking a bailout. helping generations achieve dreams. buy homes. put their kids through college. retire how they want to.
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i'm pfc sydney miles. i just want to say happy easter to my mom and dad to salmon, idaho. >> dedicated people. we want to show you a story that my redefine you see airmen. >> absolutely. very, very special time. i'm sure they get flees. i'm sure they have tough times, but they're amazing. >> you mean in the desert? >> exactly. >> they are, indeed, airmen. you know, the thing that's interesting about it is that dogs and warfare is really nothing new.
3:42 am
they've been used back by egyptian forces. they've been used by the u.s. military since world war i. they're used in an operation, neptune spear, that captured and had the results with barack obama, but we had a chance to see them up close and special, see how they operate. it was amazing to behold. >> robin's air force base in georgia is home to some 7,000 airmen. six of them are among the most deployed and most vital in the military. mike azac, 5-year-old german shepherd. yes, he is a dog, but he is also considered an airman. >> they're not people, obviously, but they -- it's almost like that. they're our partners wrash that's how we look at them. >> staff sergeant rodney foreman is his handler. he says there's a lot more to his job than just holding a leash. what is his specific role? >> he can find certain types of explosive or narcotics. he is also patrol certified dog, that means he can do the bite work, the detention and
3:43 am
apprehension of suspects. >> get the dog. get your dog off me. >> oh, buddy. >> good boy. >> they can save lives just like soldiers and airmen can. they can stop the whole line of patrol before you even get to a detonation or a hazardous area due to their detection sense. that's when you halt everything, and basically whoever is with you, that's how many lives you just saved because of his nose. >> reporter: it's estimated these dogs save an average of 150 lives each each. >> the dogsz don't know they're being heroes. they're just doing what they think is right between their relationship that they have with their handler and themselves. >> reporter: that partnership is critical to their success. >> it's extremely important that we do find the right handler with the right dog. the better the relationship, the better the detection capability. the better the capability they're going to be having when they're going out there and doing any kind of mission. >> reporter: do you howe do they decompress?
3:44 am
how do they separate themselves from very frightening situation? >> they have some downtime where they're able dog and relax, and it might be just that handler having time with the dog, petting it, playing with it a bit more, and then they go out and do the mission again. it becomes routine, and it becomes something that the dog looks forward to. >> reporter: staff sergeant foreman is relying on that relationship. >> out. sit. stay. >> reporter: they'll head overseas in a matter of days. >> reporter: do you feel confident when you're deployed having this guy with you? >> i feel very confident having him by my side overseas. we're go ahead to go. >> how could you not feel confident, right, with that guy? >> that's impressive. >> you have an airman in the family? >> my grandfather on my mom's side. my grandfather wolf. actually, my grandfather reynolds. that was a picture taken of him in 1943 off the mississippi coast. the dogs they train there were sent to the south pacific. this individual dog he has here is a collie, and it was actually sent to booingen ville.
3:45 am
a lot of these dogs were to detect enemy forces and detect mines, a variety of roles, roles that they're used for well today. >> they're out there saving lives like the troops themselves. it's incredible work. >> he was able to actually adopt several of the dogs, and a great thing we have now is many of the soldiers when they return from theater will adopt the dogs they handle. it's an mazing thing. their relationship continues after they have served. >> great bond. >> all right, reynolds. thank you so much for bringing us. i know you did a great job with alicia aiken as well. >> the countdown -- the syrian government wants more. ivan watson is next with these new demands.
3:46 am
3:47 am
the syrian military is not backing down to rebel fighters and civilians. just two days before the cease-fire agreement is supposed to go into effect, new reports say the syrian government will not pull back without written guarantees from armed groups. ivan watson is live in turkey for us watching this. ivan, who would represent the opposition and give them -- give the regime this written guarantee? >> well, presumably, that might be the opposition syria national council, which has offices here in turkey and which was recognized by a group of more than 80 countries and international organizations at a friends of syria meeting here last week as, a, legitimate representative of the syrian people by critics of the syrian government. now, these new demands have just come out, randy, from the syrian foreign monday industry spokesman, and he actually even tweeted it just moments ago saying, "syria has a plan for
3:48 am
military pullbacks already in place and being impolicemen mremted, but completing and achieving the main goal would definitely require guarantees from the other side and those supporting them." on syrian state tv he went a step further saying he needs the opposition, the "terrorists" as the syrian government refers to the rebels, to put down their weapons, hand in their weapons, and he needs supporters of the opposition like turkey, saudi arabia, and qatar to also offer written guarantees that they're not going to fund the opposition. now, as this is going on, the syrian government held celebrations, if you can believe it or not, after the deaths of thousands of people on saturday in the streets of several cities celebrating the 65th anniversary, randy, of the ruling ba'ath party in syria. people out in the streets, and they were waving palestinian flags. now, this is ironic. syria sees itself as the
3:49 am
defender of the palestinian cause, but the palestinian movement, hamas, abandon syria a few months ago because it cannot politically stand by the slaughter of thousands of sunni muslims in syria because the palestinian movement, hamas, is effectively a sunni movement -- muslim mooumt. randy. >> as we see this violence that has really ramped up this weekend, i mean, we have the deadline for the cease-fire on tuesday. is this a last attempt, a last effort by the syrian regime to be done with the opposition, to stop this? >> well, that's certainly what the opposition has been accusing the syrian government of doing. basically trying to kill as many opposition members and fighters as possible before this tuesday withdrawal deadline, and it's not just the opposition that's saying this. on saturday night the u.n. secretary general said april 10th, this tuesday deadline,
3:50 am
should not be an excuse for the syrian government to try to wipe out as many people as possible. randy. >> ivan watson for us. ivan, thank you very much. >> a serious debate going on right now. another state is considering abolishing the death penalty. we'll fill you in when we come back. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
3:51 am
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3:53 am
as the health care crisis in america grindz on, one man is bringing free medical care to thousands, often in just one weekend. meet stan brock. he is this week's cnn hero. >> all right. take care of these numbers. they represent several hundred dollars worth of medical care. >> the first people arrived yesterday. >> i live with constant pain. i mean, like every day. >> they spend the night in their cars. some of them pitch tents. >> i have lumps in my breasts. i've been here a long time, but it's worth it. >> i understand what it's like
3:54 am
to be penniless, homeless, and uninsured. i'm stan brock. we provide free care for the underserved. in the beginning it was an airborne operation. in the overseas areas. today i would say at least 60% of our work is here in the united states. >> how many people are here to see the dentist? >> about 85% of all of the people that come are really looking for debtistry and vision. >> how about the next line? >> we don't ask you whether you have insurance or whether you have a job or are you a citizen of the united states? the only requirement is that you have to show up early. >> remote area medical has seen over half a million people free. this is a number of 663 of these expeditions, as we call them. well, you have a pair of glasses, huh? >> thank you. it really does -- it really does mean a lot.
3:55 am
>> well, it's -- >> the patients are marvelous. they're so grateful for what we were able to do for them. >> big improvement. they're clear. >> there's just no feeling like that and knowing that you helped somebody. it's just great. let's get you caught up on news that may have been off your radar. abolishing the death penalty. right now that debate is playing out in connecticut. already these are the states that have abolished it, and if passed connecticut will be the 17th state to get rid of it. right now 11 enmates are on death row in connecticut. in washington state health officials are trying to stop the spread of the whooping cough. they say the highly contagious disease has reached epidemic levels. the state reports 640 cases compared to 94 at this time last year. health officials say part of the reason for the increase?
3:56 am
parents not getting their children vaccinated. a new species of dinosaur discovered in china is causing quite a stir. the cousin to ter an saurus rex had feathers, but scientists don't know yet why these dino hz a body full of feathers. they were too heavy to actually fly. some speculate the feathers were used solely as insulation, and others think it was used to attract mates. just ahead, i hope you're ready for this. the one and only pete dominik joins me live to take a look back at the week in pictures. sarah palin on the "today" show to president obama and the jobs act. we've got it covered. plus -- >> i'm dr. sanjay gupta. a nude study out this week suggests this country's obesity problem is even worse than we thought. how to break your addiction to food, lose weight, and also keep it off. really. coming up at 7:30 eastern.
3:57 am
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